Food sensitivity at birthday parties.

I've been thinking a lot lately about food choices, particularly gluten-free food choices. At the beginning of the Summer I suspected that my daughter may have a gluten allergy, at which time I ended (temporarily) her access to all gluten containing products. She understood, and for a while helped considerably in making good choices. What I learned though was that she was feeling really deprived and the things that her siblings around her were eating - things like regular bread and chicken strips from Chick-fil-A.

After much deliberation I decided to allow her to have what she wanted. Now - I'm not the mom that gives in to every tantrum (there were no tantrums here) or allows her kids to make all decisions...there is a place for that for sure. I just don't want her at the age of 9 to start coveting food.

I was at a birthday party last Saturday that really brought home a message to me. The birthday mom had brought a selection of gluten-free cupcakes for a few of the children. - let me tell you, they were thrilled!!

There are children with all kinds of allergies and food sensitivities. Wouldn't it be great to show them that there are LOTS of options and make those options available at every turn. My daughter can't go to Sprouts or Whole Foods and buy a gluten-free pizza or gluten-free cereal, I have to do that for her and I have. I need to encourage her to have the best eating habits - for her - as possible, now.

Really this is all leading up to the real question that I have. How many birthday moms consider the dietary restrictions (lactose, peanut, gluten, etc.) of the children they invite to their childs party? It would be a super-duper question to ask and a refreshing sign of awareness.


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